Economy January 30, 2021 | 11:08 am

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Announcement of an increase in gasoline and diesel prices

Santo Domingo, DR

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and MiPymes (MICM) announced this Friday that fuels would increase between 0.20 and 2 Dominican pesos, with premium gasoline rising most in cost.

Regular gasoline will cost RD $ 215.00, for an increase of RD $ 1.90; premium will go to 228.60, two pesos more expensive; regular diesel will be sold at RD $ 171.40, for an increase of RD $ 0.60, and optimum will be sold at RD $ 185.70, for a rise of one peso per gallon.

However, both Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which will be sold at RD $ 128.10 / gal, and natural gas, which will cost RD $ 28.97 per cubic meter, maintained their price.

Other fuels suffered a small increase in their price, such as avtur, which will be sold at RD $ 132.30, rising RD $ 0.20 per gallon; kerosene will rise RD $ 0.30, and a gallon will cost RD $ 157.90; the price of fuel oil # 6 will be RD $ 117.30, for an increase of RD $ 0.60 per gallon; and 1% fuel oil will be sold at RD $ 132.70 per gallon, up RD $ 1.80.

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