Economy February 2, 2021 | 2:02 pm

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Dominican Republic exports macadamia for the first time

Corporación Agrícola La Loma has become the first company in the Dominican Republic to export processed macadamia, complying with high quality and safety standards and adding a new product with the vocation of generating foreign currency for the country.

The processing industry, led by businessman Jesús Moreno, sent the first full van with a volume of 22,800 pounds to clients located in Central America, announced Clara Abreu, director of operations of the plant municipality of San José de las Matas.

Although exports of the nut have previously been made in smaller volumes, this occasion marks the beginning of the commercialization of macadamia nuts produced in Dominican lands on a significant scale, making the country a new player in the international nut market. The La Loma brand is considered a sustainable business model, a pioneer in the country by integrating equitably through the cultivation and commercialization of macadamia nuts, positive social, economic, and environmental impacts for all members that make up the value chain and its environment.

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