Economy February 6, 2021 | 8:56 am

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New standard for cell phone activation comes into force today

Indotel’s Board of Directors approved resolution 070-19, making it a requirement to put fingerprints and take a photo when activating a mobile phone.

Santo Domingo, DR

Per resolution 070-19, issued by the Board of Directors of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), regarding the new requirements for a person to activate a cell phone and which consists of putting their fingerprints and taking a photo at the provider service for your registration, comes into effect today February 6.

Through the regulations, there will be a control of the cell phone registration and thus prevent a device that has been stolen from being activated.

The executive director of the Association of Communication and Technology Companies (Comtec), Claudia García, confirmed to Listín Diario that the member companies of Comtec have proactively participated in the definition and implementation of resolution 070-19 by which Indotel establishes new conditions for the activation of telecommunications services.

Even though Indotel has not reconfirmed its implementation, which it said would be today, the supplier companies are ready. It is given as a fact, as the executive board of Comtec confirms the date.

García said that Comtec member companies, in their objective of promoting the development of the telecommunications sector and meeting the needs of users, have participated proactively, “and in this sense, the providers have deployed the necessary actions to adapt their respective systems and processes for activating telecommunications services, incurring the necessary investments to comply with Indotel resolution 070-19.”

He assured that the providers had assumed the obligations established in the regulations, confirming their commitment to operating under the highest standards of quality and guarantee of security for users of telecommunications services in the Dominican Republic.

Recently, the president of Indotel, Nelson Arroyo, told Listín Diario that through resolutions 92-19 and 070-19, there would be a record of the IMEI of cell phones time of being activated to determine that it has not been stolen.

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