Economy February 9, 2021 | 2:01 pm

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The Lifestyle Group celebrates 19 years in the country

The responsible recovery of tourism guarantees the growth of the economies in the region, especially in the Dominican Republic.

This was expressed by the president and vice president of the Lifestyle Group, Markus and Anja Wischenbart when taking stock of the contributions that this tourism company has made in its 19 years of operation in the country.

“Tourism is a fundamental leg on the table of the Dominican economy. Before the pandemic, it generated more than US $ 7,000 million in foreign currency and guaranteed 500,000 jobs,” said the CEO of the Lifestyle Group, highlighting the importance of the tourism industry.

He considered that the effort made by the government and the private sector to achieve the recovery of tourism should be supported amid the adversities that the pandemic has left.

Likewise, Anja Wischenbart expressed that the Lifestyle Group joins this effort by reopening its hotels in Cofresí, Cabarete, and Punta Cana, currently guaranteeing 2,500 direct jobs.

“From the Lifestyle Group, we contribute our grain of sand to achieve the total recovery of tourism, which is to say the recovery of the economy,” said Anja Wischenbart.

In 19 years of work, Markus and Anja Wischenbart, together with other collaborators and partners, managed to turn small villas in Cofresí into the most significant tourist project on the North Coast.

From 30 employees, in its initial stage, the Lifestyle group went on to generate 2,500 direct jobs.

Considered a key piece in the development of tourism in Puerto Plata, it is recalled that the Lifestyle Group always maintained a high occupancy in its hotels, in the less splendid moments of the destination.

Currently, Lifestyle is the hotel group that generates the most jobs on the North Coast and maintains the highest occupancy in its 1,184 rooms.

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