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Habitat Dominicana reaches 32 thousand housing solutions in the country

Family benefited from the housing program.

  • During 2020 a total of 2,100 Dominicans were beneficiaries of the housing program


Despite the economic and operational challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Habitat for the Humanity Dominican Republic managed to reach 2,100 Dominicans who gained access to healthy, safe, adequate, and affordable housing during 2020.

According to the statement, with these achievements there are about 32 thousand housing solutions intervened by the non-profit organization in its history.

“Thanks to the fact that the NGO successfully adopted new strategies and safe practices to continue helping families in the country, many Dominicans were able to stay in a decent home reaffirming that housing is the first line of defense against the current pandemic and any phenomenon or natural disaster,” the document cites.

Jonathan TM Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, said: “While this year has brought many challenges and heartaches to the communities we serve around the world, I am grateful that Habitat has had the opportunity to serve so many families when they needed it most.”

Habitat Dominicana, in partnership with families, managed to rebuild, improve and build new homes for Dominicans who did not have sufficient financial resources to guarantee decent and healthy housing in the midst of the pandemic.

New homes are built in the country facilitating access to housing microfinance through alliances with Banco Ademi, Banco ADOPEM, Banco BHD León, Coopaspire, and Vision Fund.

Additionally, they built houses for low-income people in different areas of the country such as Greater Santo Domingo and Samaná. In the case of Azua, in alliance with the Nature Power Foundation, within the first eco-sustainable community in the country.

Cesarina Fabián, national director of Habitat Dominicana, indicated that the sum of all the people served makes the organization increase its impact to around 160 thousand Dominicans reached with housing solutions since the beginning of work in the country in 1986.

“We are grateful for the efforts of everyone to make this possible, our individual and corporate donors, allies, collaborators, companies, and volunteers who supported us before the pandemic. We also rely on alliances to continue working in this 2021 in a Republic Dominican Republic where everyone has a decent and healthy place to live, ”he says.

Despite the time of confinement that the world is experiencing as a result of the pandemic, the organization did not forget the most vulnerable and with its Housing, Communities + Hope campaign distributed hygiene kits, home repairs, and resilience kits to mitigate the risks before the hurricane season with the aim that families vulnerable to the virus could protect themselves inside their homes.

There are many families to help and we want to reach them, so Habitat for the Humanity Dominican Republic invites you to get involved and donate through

Habitat for the Humanity Dominican Republic

Habitat for Humanity is a global, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to ensure that each person has a decent place to live, through programs focused on microfinance for housing, minimizing risk, and increasing response to disasters.

Habitat for the Humanity Dominican Republic empowers families to create strength, stability, and self-sufficiency through the housing. Since the beginning of its work in 1986, the institution has carried out more than 32 thousand housing solutions and impacted around 160 thousand people. we empower with housing.

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