Economy February 22, 2021 | 2:39 pm

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They are looking for new expansion opportunities, new US businesses

Taking into account that in January of this year, the total exports of the Dominican Republic were US $ 747.5 million, showing as main export products raw gold (16%), cigars (8.90%), electronic circuit breakers (7.75%). ), medical instruments (6.12%), ferronickel (4.36), jewelry articles (4.21%), among others, a delegation from the country, led by Biviana Reveiro, director of ProDominicana, participated in a trade mission in the United States with the objective of to strengthen and seek new expansion opportunities for local companies and products in the North American market.

During their participation, which took place from 12 to 19 this month, they sought to identify opportunities for foreign investment, since the United States is among the main trading partners this year with an investment of US $ 367.05 million, followed by Switzerland US $ 121.20 million, Haiti with US $ 69.81 million, Puerto Rico with US $ 38.45 million and the Netherlands with US $ 27.15 million.

Riveiro, accompanied by Jaime Licairac, Export Director; Marcial Smester, Director of Foreign Investment; Lissette Elías, Florida Business Commissioner; Raysa Rodríguez, a business commissioner in New York; and Maritza Bello, manager of International Relations, held individual meetings with product distribution companies in this country, as well as with Dominican and North American businesspeople, to establish links that allow the commercialization and positioning of Creole products in this country, as well as opening opportunities for new investors in areas such as tourism, technology, infrastructure development, among others.

Regarding this visit, the executive director of ProDominicana said that the initiative is part of the recently presented ‘Commercial Promotion Plan 2021’, as well as the interest in meeting the objectives of the Export Promotion Plan, which aims to create concrete actions and strategies to promote and publicize Dominican products worldwide, as well as identify business opportunities for companies in the Dominican Republic.

“The United States is one of our main commercial partners. Therefore it is important that our companies and products see this market as a real opportunity to place the country’s quality exportable offer, which has more than 4,200 products,” she said.

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