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Real estate investment: When, how and why?

Despite the health crisis, the real estate sector has a dynamic economic activity.

Reality. The right financial and real estate advice allows you to make your resources profitable. Advice. It is possible to invest in real estate at all ages.

Santo Domingo-Beyond the “adverse” situations that can be considered as limiting, the ideal time to invest in real estate is when you understand that you need to diversify or create new assets that generate secure and stable returns in the long term.

So says Antonio Cabrera, financial and real estate advisor at Algonovo Real State, who adds that, regardless of age or financial status, there are opportunities for all budgets. He explains: “All ages are appropriate to make investments, however, the recommendation is to start doing it in the long term from an early age, around 25 years old.”

Significant capital gain
“According to the Forbes guide to investing in real estate, real estate should be acquired and held for three to five years to enjoy a significant capital gain. This is only half true since, in our country, due to the growing demand of the sector, the best investment opportunities are given, mostly, in the acquisition of off-plan real estate proposals.”

This, says Cabrera, because real estate projects require a down payment equivalent to 40-60% of the value of the property during construction, and depending on the type of property, its location, and the real estate management of the builder, it can acquire an appraisal of more than 25% of the original market value at the time of delivery to the buyer.

He affirms: “This is the great opportunity to buy and sell real estate that thousands of investors are taking advantage of in our country”.

According to Cabrera’s explanations, investment in real estate is considered safe, profitable, and low risk, as long as the property to be acquired is well chosen, and, in addition, a financial evaluation is made to better understand the options.

“It is for this reason that it is essential to have a good real estate advisor.

It is a key, useful, necessary, and super important element before choosing an investment. If that real estate advisor is also a financial consultant, then we are facing a golden opportunity that will help us maximize our possibilities.”

Mitigating risks
Cabrera indicates that an expert financial advisor in real estate will take into account each and every one of the necessary aspects to mitigate the risk and maximize the profitability of the investment, which will allow choosing the best offer when buying without ignoring the possibilities of having the greatest possible demand at the time of selling.

Options to choose from
Advisors. Antonio Cabrera,, points out that properties in the country are acquiring a considerable increase in value, in some areas in an accentuated manner.

Cabrera explains: “We are a little piece of land where investors can obtain high-quality rental properties without requiring a large initial investment. In addition, non-residents and foreigners have access to local bank financing. Punta Cana, for example, receives almost 60% of international visitors, so it offers instant tourist demand.

Mastercard’s Global Destination Index ranks it as the best city for business and gaming, ahead of Cancun and Orlando.”

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