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Blockchain for business evolves: QCHAIN launch in Dominican Republic

Press Release

Santo Domingo.- April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On March 8th, a new QCHAIN platform was announced at the long-awaited “BigForum” in the Dominican Republic. The new blockchain network will become QubitLife’s strategic partner and an important part of the ecosystem.

QCHAIN is a next-generation blockchain network where you can conduct transactions with the lowest fees in the cryptocurrency industry and within the blockchain ecosystem and on strategic partners’ websites. The processing speed of financial data within the blockchain network currently reaches 100,000 transactions per second.

According to the QCHAIN White Paper, there are two types of tokens on the network. However, for now, detailed information is only available about QDT (QCHAIN Dynamic Token):

QDT (QCHAIN Dynamic Token) expresses the intellectual property (IP) of the QCHAIN software code. The issue of QDT is 2,718,281,828 coins. The QDT token will be intended to attract additional liquidity to the QCHAIN ecosystem with the possibility of receiving dividends and additional benefits on partners’ platforms.

The private pre-sale of QDT tokens took place the day after the BigForum global event and was available only to participants. In total, 190,279,728 QDTs (7% of the total amount of tokens) were sold at the Private Sale at a price of 0.01 USDT. All tokens available for purchase within the private round were sold out in 14 hours at a price, and immediately after the campaign, the token price increased by 77%!

Thanks to huge demand from the global crypto community, the first public round of the QDT token sale started on March 21, 2021, where the initial token price was 0.02 USDT. QDT Public Sale involves 7 rounds of the token sale, and after the completion of each round, the token price increases by 10% of the price in the previous one. 951 398 640 QDT tokens were allocated for sale (35% of the issue) and are available for purchase to everyone right now.

After completing all stages of the QDT Public Sale, the QCHAIN platform plans to officially list the token on top crypto exchanges. Please note that the platform complies with all legal aspects of the industry: users of the QCHAIN network need to complete KYC to fully interact with tokens.

QCHAIN will be the innovation in the blockchain platform industry that includes and surpasses all current advances in the speed of formation, the security of storing, sending, and receiving encrypted data.


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