Economy April 12, 2021 | 9:55 am

Buy car in DR

From buses to bikes, electrics are here to stay

President Luis Abinader, Tesla.

Santo Domingo .- Its presence in Dominican streets has become commonplace in the last three years. From motorcycles to buses they ply the roads without the need of fossil fuels, with a technology that prevents spewing polluting gases into the atmosphere.

The Dominican Republic began the shift towards more sustainable mobility and statistics show a dizzying increase in imports of electric vehicles in the last two years, a growth that the automotive sector also recognizes.

“The country is taking giant and firm steps towards the electrification of its vehicle fleet, going from having 60 units of this type in 2017 to more than 2,000 this year, an accelerated and exponential growth,” highlights Charles Sánchez, president of the Dominican Electric Mobility Association.

“By 2025 we should have around 30,000 electric vehicles in the Dominican Republic, if we extrapolate the growth that is being registered,” adds Sánchez.

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