Economy April 13, 2021 | 12:25 pm

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Labor unions announce ‘struggle’ for wage hike

J. Ramos, left.

Santo Domingo.- The labor unions of the Dominican Republic announced Tuesday manifestations starting on May 1, when they will present their proposal on the salary increase that must be discussed this year.

In addition, they will establish their position on tax reform, social security, intervention on behalf of women and the implications of the fourth industrial revolution on employment.

“The trade union centrals of the Dominican Republic CNUS, CASC and CNTD announce to the country that on May 1st we will celebrate an act where we will announce to the country and to the entire Dominican working class the amount of the wage demand that we are going to announce in the struggle from May 1st,” said Jacobo Ramos, president of the Confederation of Dominican Workers.

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