Economy April 29, 2021 | 4:33 pm

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Bring vaccination certificate or health passport

Director of Business Development at SICPA, Cédric Pruche

Technological solution would facilitate mobility


The Swiss multinational company SICPA is presenting a new technological tool to the Dominican market that allows issuing a vaccination certification or health passport in order to facilitate the mobility of people without the need to submit to restrictions if they are already vaccinated against covid-19, have a negative test or have recently recovered from the disease.

The Director of Business Development at SICPA, Cédric Pruche, explained that the new Certus technology has credentials available in different formats: such as smart cards, mobile or printed applications, which facilitate the daily scanning of office employees and tickets to massive events. Besides that, it can be very useful for the Dominican tourism sector.

He highlighted that the tool allows certifying three situations: the vaccination status of a person, the results of covid 19 tests, and if a person has already overcome the disease.

He expressed that there are countries that are requiring that people who enter their territory present a covid 19 test, however today there is no way to detect if the results of the PCR tests they present are true or have been manipulated, so Certus offers a “layer” of security in that sense because it is equipped with a highly secure QR code because it cannot be tampered with.

He indicated that Central American countries, as well as the European Union, are raising the need for a “health passport.”

He highlighted the importance of this technology to help the economic reactivation of the country.

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