Economy May 6, 2021 | 4:54 pm

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The most relevant economic indicators of Dominican Republic are presented

IMAE stands out with a growth of 10.6%

The Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development published a summary of the most relevant information regarding the leading national and international economic indicators of interest to the Dominican Republic as of May 3, 2021.

The summary, prepared by the Directorate of Macroeconomic Analysis of the Vice Ministry of Economic and Social Analysis (VAES), indicates that the monthly economic activity index (IMAE) showed significant interannual growth of 10.6% the second positive rate since the beginning of the pandemic.

VAES maintains that in the week of May 1 to 7, the national prices of the primary fuels increased: premium gasoline (RD $ 1.40), regular gasoline (RD $ 3.00), optimal diesel (RD $ 2.00), regular diesel (RD $ 1.90), kerosene (RD $ 4.80), avtur (RD $ 4.50) and fuel oil (RD $ 3.80), compared to the prices of the previous week.

The publication adds that as of May 3, oil, gold, coffee, and cocoa prices increased by 0.55%, 1.17%, 0.96%, and 1.92%, respectively, compared to the previous day price of nickel remained unchanged.

The analysis points out that as of April 29, the weighted average lending rate was 9.42%, while the weighted average lending rate was 3.06%. With a variation compared to the previous day of -1.28 pp and 0.27 pp, respectively.
The publication seeks to offer recent statistics of indicators.

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