Economy May 17, 2021 | 9:46 am

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Buildings are ruining legendary black soil farmlands

Moca, Dominican Republic.- To mark National Farmer’s Day celebrated May 15 and in which Moca (north) was baptized the country’s agricultural capital, various sectors warned that the expansion of real estate projects are encroaching on fertile farmlands.

In an event led by President Luis Abinader, Espaillat Province Agricultural Producers Association (Apape) president Julio Abreu, asked the congressmen to retake and approve the draft Law of Territorial Planning and Land Use, so that the land with the capacity to produce is protected.

“We producers cry tears of blood when we see day after day that the fertile, black soil of our Moca municipality, of Espaillat province and the country, we are covering with cement and asphalt. Enough of the happy approvals that are made in some municipalities! and it hurts…”

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