Economy June 26, 2021 | 9:07 am

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Fuels will remain unchanged and the Government says they should have risen to 14 pesos

Santo Domingo, DR

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes (MICM) reported this Friday that the price of gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and other fuels, will remain unchanged for the week between June 26 and June 2 July 2021.

According to the institution’s statement, premium gasoline will be sold at RD $ 252.20 per gallon and regular gasoline at RD $ 239.30. Regular diesel also maintains its RD $ 184.90, and the optimal price will continue to sell at RD $ 202.40.

The avtur will cost RD $ 150.30; kerosene will be sold at RD $ 177.20; fuel oil # 6 RD $ 131.40 and fuel oil 1% s RD $ 147.00.

LPG will be sold at RD $ 127.10 / gal. and natural gas continues as usual at RD $ 28.97 per cubic meter.

Government intervention

The MICM note indicates that for the mentioned week, the behavior of the international market forced to apply significant increases. Indicates that the increases should have been 14.16 pesos per gallon to LPG; 13 pesos for premium gasoline and 14 for regular.

The gallon of regular diesel should have risen more than 11 pesos, and the statement details of the optimum 14.

“As in previous weeks, the MICM reported that the Government intervened to keep the price of fuels unchanged during this week, assuming a commitment with private importers of approximately RD $ 313 million and thus prevent these increases from affecting the economy of the Dominican homes,” says the note of the institution.

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