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Some 61,550 young Dominicans joined some type of banking product or service in 2020

Santo Domingo, DR

In 2020, 61,550 young Dominicans joined some Banco Popular product or service, even though this population may have difficulties accessing the financial system for the first time.

These data, contained in the “ 2020 Sustainability Report ” of the financial institution, show that there was a reduction compared to the figures for 2019 when 103,134 young people were registered for the first time.

According to Banco Popular, in the document shared with Listín Diario, this response to the coronavirus pandemic’s economic crisis was generated.

This same behavior was observed in the “Digital Libre” account affiliation since in 2019, 47,009 people were registered, and in 2020, there were only 17,449. After that, however, Banco Popular launched the Emergency Fund account, designed so that people can save for a future situation.

Financial education 

During 2020, the bank held 102 talks on the importance of keeping its finances in order, which managed to benefit 14,700 people.

Through AFI Popular and Inversiones Popular, the youth education program “Master Class” was carried out, where talks were given on the stock market and investment funds to promote training and financial inclusion and education, which 93 young people benefited from 2020.

The financial institution held the ” Sustainable Finance Forum “to educate and sensitize the Dominican population about the importance of sustainable development and take as a reference the best practices worldwide to promote green businesses.

“This forum emphasized the importance of good management of personal and family finances, as a fundamental part of achieving sustainable development,” said Banco Popular in its sustainability report, adding that 3,014 people benefited from this initiative.

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