Economy July 15, 2021 | 7:31 am

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Dominican Republic raises minimum wage 24%

Santo Domingo.- Employees of the private sector that do not belong to the construction, tourism and free trade zones will begin to receive an increase in their income as of July 16, depending on the size of the companies where they work, after the National Salary Committee (CNS) on Wed. approved an average salary increase of 24%.

President Luis Abinader had an unusual participation in the Committee meetings, where representatives of employers, employees and the Government also agreed on a reclassification of the companies.

Employees who earn the minimum salary in companies that fall into the “large” category will begin to earn RD $ 21,000, for an increase of 19%; Those who belong to businesses classified as “medium” will earn RD $ 19,250, for an increase of 59%, and those who work in “small” companies will receive RD $ 12,900, for an additional 20%.

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