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Brugal Company brings a new rum to market

Santo Domingo, DR

Casa Brugal has just presented in the Dominican market Doble Reserva,the most recent creation of its master rummakers. It is a surprising rum where aged are mixed from two types of barrels to achieve complex flavors and aromas, and the double character that defines it.

Francis Lora, Marketing Director, said that the new rum preserves the heritage that characterizes Brugal rums by the predominance of American whiskey barrels, and that it is complemented by the contribution of sherry barrels.

“Our House has been perfecting the art of making rum for over 130 years. Generation after generation, we have paid special attention to how to distill, choose the barrels and select the aged ones. This has allowed us to always make the best rum possible and offer the best of every occasion,” said Francis Lora.

Brugal Doble Reserva, is a spirit that unites the best qualities of two worlds, that of American whiskey and that of sherry wine,thanks to a careful selection of the woods, their origin and the age of the aged. That mastery can achieve an unforgettable experience.

“In the remarkable aroma and complex flavor of Doble Reserva, its woody, sweet and spicy notes stand out. Thanks to the different woods from which the aged of the mixture come, its double character has aromas that can range from vanilla, to nuts and spices, “added Lora.

Brugal Doble Reserva preserves the craftsmanship with which Brugal rums are made. That is why the bottle has the iconic mesh, a symbol of the brand since the mid-twentieth century and which is already recognized in the main markets of the world.

The master roneros recommend enjoying Brugal Doble Reserva served alone or with ice, ideally with a citrus touch like an orange peel. They also recognize that it is excellent for exploring the world of mixology and cocktails that manage to highlight its dual character.

Casa Brugal invites those who decide to consume alcohol and choose one of the brands in its iconic portfolio, to always do so with moderation and responsibility.

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