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Skills employers are taking into account when hiring

Santo Domingo, DR.

The world of work changes not only globally, but in every corner of the planet, so the Dominican Republic does not escape this reality, and both employers and workers are focused on new, more efficient, and effective work models.

Young people are looking for more flexible and specialized jobs in the talents and skills they offer. However, employers focus on capability, responsibility, and results orientation.

A World Economic Forum report on the future of jobs notes that among the skills that employers will consider most strongly in the coming years are: critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and skills related to self-management, active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility.

According to an article recently published by the World Bank, few education systems integrate academics developing these skills in the training of the future professional or worker into their curriculum, which puts an additional challenge to the one that already has the training models.

When we hear recruiters talk, we constantly hear complaints about the deficiencies presented by applicants for a job in a mastery of correct writing, limitations in basic knowledge, and weaknesses in specific skills.

The World Economic Forum report states that, on average, companies estimate that 40% of employees will need to learn new skills in the next six months that will allow them to perform in a different job within the company and that 94% of business leaders expect employees to acquire new skills on the job.

This indicates that what is essential for a future professional will not focus on what they know upon graduation but on their ability to learn and adapt to changing situations, technologies, and processes.

In addition to stimulating future workers to focus on learning the job skills imposed by the technological age, education policies should pay greater attention to students’ learning, competencies, and skills in the training curriculum.

The deficiencies in the national education system and, above all, those in public education will have to be rethought if we really aspire to achieve a competitive country. Investing in education is thinking about a different future.

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