Economy August 7, 2021 | 12:06 pm

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Prices of some fuels increase

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and MSMEs (MICM) reported that for the week of August 7 to 13, gasoline and diesel would increase between 2 and 4 pesos per gallon. Meanwhile, LPG and natural gas will maintain their prices.

Specifically, the gallon of Premium Gasoline will increase RD$2.10 and that of Regular Gasoline RD$4.00, while Diesel will increase RD$4.00 and Optimal Diesel RD$2.30 per gallon.

Fuels shall be marketed as follows:

Premium gasoline will be sold at RD$261.80 per gallon up RD$2.10.
Regular Gasoline will be sold at RD$243.30 per gallon up RD$4.00.
Regular Diesel will sell at RD$188.90 per gallon up to RD$4.00.
Optimum Diesel will be sold at RD$212.20 per gallon up RD$2.30.
Avtur will sell at RD$161.90 per gallon, maintains its price.
Kerosene will be sold at RD$185.70 per gallon, maintains its price.
Fuel Oíl #6 will be sold at RD$136.70 per gallon, maintains its price.
Fuel Oíl 1%S will be sold at RD$153.62 per gallon, maintains its price.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will be sold at RD$127.10/gl, maintaining its price.
Natural Gas RD$28.97 per cubic meter maintains its price.

The MICM stated that the government made commitments of 405 million pesos to importers so that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) maintained its price and thus prevented it from increasing by 25 pesos; the Premium and Regular Gasoline 12 and 21 pesos, respectively, while the Regular and Optimum Diesel did it in more than 8 pesos.

However, he clarified that the government would not have intervened by assuming commitments to importers for 405 million pesos; the increases would have been greater.

The average weekly exchange rate is RD$57.19 of the central bank’s daily publications.

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