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Projected to close 2021 with 500 electric charging stations in Dominican Republic

Electric charging station. (FILE)

Roberto Herrera: “Evergo is ahead of the future by promoting electric mobility in the Dominican Republic.”

With more than 300 charging stations for the latest electric vehicles, Evergo, a subsidiary of the parent company InterEnergy Group, plans to close the year with 500 stations in the national territory.

“Ahead of the future of electric mobility in the Dominican Republic, with the deployment of the most extensive network in the region, Evergo is laying the foundations for giant steps towards more sustainable mobility,” according to statements by Roberto Herrera, manager of InterEnergy Group in the Dominican Republic.

He indicated that European cities such as Madrid, Rome, or London encourage electric vehicles in their historic centers. The Colonial City of the First City of America is advancing in this purpose with its first Evergo electric charging stations, located in the public parking lot Las Atarazanas, inaugurated last week by President Luis Abinader.

Herrera spoke in these terms during his interview on the program “Lo bueno con Alexandra Izquierdo” through Teleantillas.

“In 2018 there were barely 50 registered electric vehicles and today we are talking about more than 3,000. Given this scenario, the National Congress is already preparing a regulation for the use and incentive of electric mobility in the country. We have not waited in this bet, with the purpose of facilitating the user of an electric vehicle the confidence he needs to reach his destination, wherever he is”, he pointed out.

Since transportation is one of the most significant pollutants in the world, electric mobility represents a solution to the effects of climate change, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which directly impacts the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of which the Dominican Republic is a signatory.

He explained that another advantage of electric mobility is the economic savings. “In the medium term, the savings represented by an electric vehicle compared to a combustion vehicle is up to 80%,” he said.

Regarding the main challenges that electric mobility represents, such as charging time, Evergo achieves through its “super fast” chargers, or level 3, a full charge in 40 minutes, depending on the vehicle model; in addition to facilitating its accessibility to any user thanks to the development of universal chargers compatible with the existing primary standards, European, Western and Chinese.

Herrera also highlighted that Evergo represents a “sophisticated solution for electric mobility,” with which the user acquires charging time with a self-service model, available at any time through a mobile APP and an RFID card.

About Interenergy Systems Dominicana

With the backing of InterEnergy Group Limited, InterEnergy Systems Dominicana was born, a pioneer in the implementation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Dominican Republic through the Evergo brand, as well as high-efficiency thermal power stations, smart grids for smart cities, software development, and technology solutions, and its target market in Latin America and the Caribbean.

InterEnergy Systems Dominicana is the first and only company in the Dominican Republic certified Open Charger Alliance (OCA), which allows it to develop its own applications based on this industry-standard protocol.

About Evergo

Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charger platform in the country. Its mission is to create a network that allows us to reach any point in the country sustainably and reliably, moving towards a more environmentally responsible future.

Its charging stations are the most advanced in their category, allowing users to charge their electric vehicles in the shortest possible time, improving their experience.

The operation of these charging stations is under a self-service model, through an app, available on App Store and Google Play. The user can consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, book, pay through a virtual wallet and start charging. An ecosystem that maximizes the user experience to facilitate, promote, and boost more sustainable mobility.

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