Economy October 9, 2021 | 11:02 am

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Most fuels go up

International increases. LPG goes up RD$5.00 this week.

The most significant increases are in kerosene, sold at RD$201.40 per gallon up RD$15.70, and fuel oil #6 will be sold at RD$152.20 per gallon up to RD$15.50.

For this week, most fuels will go up to RD$15.70 per gallon due to increases in international oil prices.

The increases range from RD$3.50 to RD$15.70 for the week of 9-15 October 2021, as reported by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes. As a result, premium gasoline will be sold at RD$265.80 after registering a RD$4.00 increase per gallon; regular gasoline will be sold at RD$246.80, up RD$3.50 per gallon.

Regular diesel will be sold at RD$188.90 per gallon, maintaining its price; optimum diesel will be sold at RD$212.20 per gallon, also maintaining its price. Avtur will be sold at RD$172.80 per gallon, up RD$10.90; kerosene will be sold at RD$201.40 per gallon, up RD$15.70. Fuel oil #6 will be sold at RD$152.20 per gallon, up RD$15.50, and fuel oil 1%S will be sold at RD$167.62 per gallon, up RD$14.00.

While liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will be sold at RD$134.10/gl: up RD$5.00.

MICM informed that the international oil price crisis had caused increases in almost all fuels. The government has assumed a millionaire debt with importers; the market and its movements make it unsustainable to continue retaining 100% of these increases.

The government assumes RD$586 million this week to lighten the increase.

The market dictated increases in the LPG by RD$44.47 this week.

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