Economy October 25, 2021 | 12:07 pm

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Dominican to Haiti exports: US$1.64B to ‘negligible’ US$7M

Santo Domingo.- Between January-August 2019 and January-August 2021, total exports of products from the Dominican Republic to Haiti amounted to US$1.64 billion, compared to the “negligible” of imports valued at US$7 million, highlights an analysis from the Haiti Studies Unit of the P. Alemán Study Center of the Pontifical Catholic University (Pucmm).

“It is worth noting an unprecedented coefficient, unique in the world, of 230 dollars exported for every dollar imported.”

The report, which analyzes the aforementioned months from 2019 to 2021, indicates that, in the case of the exchange of goods from the Dominican nation with the Haitian, an accumulated surplus of US$1.6 billion stands out, including US$1.2 billion (74%) credited to 12 items considered relevant.

“Three that occupied the first positions of importance in surplus in absolute and relative value were: cotton with US$263 million (16.11%), plastics and their manufactures with US$204 million (12.49%) and knitted clothing with US$187 million (11.45%).”

“That is to say, a joint amount of US$654 million (40.05%).”

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Rodlin joseph
October 26, 2021 4:43 am

Dominican gorvernement need to respec haitian beacause the are fondamental in dominican economie. And the haitian need to electe califition peple in palement to firgt for ther rigt beacause norting free in politics

October 26, 2021 8:46 am

What is there to export from Haiti. They destroyed their resources.

October 26, 2021 12:54 pm

Unfortunately, Personally as Haitian I am so Disgusted with every Haitians consuming any from Dominican Republic : The Hates and Disrespect the Dominican Government and His People manifest towards Haitians is worst then the Israel / Palestine with the Help of U.S , Spain , Germany using the Dominicans to humilates us for Freeing Hispaniola as Africans with Dignity , Dominicans can continue profiting over the Abusive Embargo U.S Policy’s on Haiti , There will be the generation who turn thing around , our Pride as a stronger Nations who doesn’t need to be Betrayed and Comploting against their neighbor Country. It is Time For Haitians to See Dominicans as What They Are . As we are in the Internet Era , the informations will be there .

All the Insults and Humiliations towards those poor Haitians will be our 12 Commandments for what type of relationship we should keep with Dominican Republic or none at all : All We Have to work on is having a Government with Dignity .

Whatever we buy from Dominican Republic con be buy elsewhere, Dominican s can continue killing Haitians in their Territory and we will do the same : We Will Never Be Scared of Dominicans even with a 5 millions Men and Women Army : We Are Haitians .

The Dominican Republic Has been a big Threat to Haiti for Years working with U.S and every negative Forces who wants to Destabalized Haiti , Dominican Republic Backstabbing Haiti in Many occasions, This New Arab President Politic towards Haiti is nothing New, however he is more aggressive and arrogant and slick at the same time , Haitians allow him to be.

My wish and Many Haitians wishes is to closed Dominican Ambassy in Haiti and Also Closed our Borders with Dominican Republic and install strong Laws and have a task force to punish every Haitians trying to go to Dominican Republic.

You Guy’s Are Too Hypocrites.

October 26, 2021 4:28 pm
Reply to  Boyo

Haiti will starve if the DR closes its borders. Nothing is made in Haiti. Nobody wants to work, just buy and sell enough crap to make through the day. Haitians have dilapidated their resources, have no nationalism. All they care about is their own selves. Given the opportunity, 99.9% of Haitians would leave Haiti.

Joe Q
October 27, 2021 11:28 am
Reply to  Boyo

I would like to respond in the same violent way as you have when you refer to the Dominicans, but I can’t. You avoid to recognize all the support we have given to Haiti. How ungrateful even of your own people you are. You probably do it as an inmigrant from the USA enjoying the honey produced by your so called traitors. Your position is nauseating and your speech such of a coward, You are a true example on why many people wrongly judges haitians thus why they are not welcome anymore anywhere. There are true hatians of heart that are fighting for freedom and rights in Haiti, they deserve more support and attention than people like you that can only hate. It’s easy to be a so called patriot, but true heroes are those who would not abandoned their fight, which is not against dominicans but your own corrupted system and polititians. Be free and I hpe someday you become awere of all the good things we could acomplish with good will. Stop hating.

October 26, 2021 7:05 pm

Very good report. Means that Hatians are finally waking up. Let DR eat that billion plus dollars, especially now that their tourism is in shambles.
But I always wanted to find out, why hasn’t Haiti establish diplomatic relations with China?
What does Taiwan have to offer Haiti?

Soler N.
October 27, 2021 6:10 am

Who ever wrote this add is wrong and is a very racist and ignorant person.
Dominican don’t have nothing against Haitians.but certain yellous and frustrated people are always judging the Dom. Republic when Dominicans are the ones that help Haiti the most..