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“That chicken is too expensive,” the lament of the housewives

Doña Dalia, one of the consumers interviewed/Jorge Cruz/Listín Diario

Santo Domingo, DR

Doña Ana is “crazy” about chicken meat. It is everyone’s favorite in her house. Every day she goes to Andrés, the chicken farmer, searching for this food with which she accompanies the daily meal with which she feeds her family.

However, every day, with the increase in the price of the so-called “white meat,” it becomes more difficult for him to put the necessary amount of meat on the table.

“That chicken is very expensive Andrés, that chin of meat is not enough for anyone in my house, give me that boy,” with that expression, he turned to his favorite chicken seller to complete the portion required for this Sunday’s meal.

But Andres defended himself by assuring that he is not responsible for the increase in prices and that this forces his customers to reduce the amount of chicken they buy every day, “it is that every day this is more expensive, Ana, even I adjust the prices so that they do not feel so impacted with these prices,” he said.

The “tug-of-war” between customer and chicken seller is repeated with Doña Dalia in the 27 de Febrero neighborhood. She and her neighbor commented on the high cost of living and the difficulties in preparing Christmas dinner this year.

Both were satisfied, assuring that “this year what we are going to do is something small. The two chelitos are not enough for anything.”

This is the daily life of the families in the neighborhoods of Greater Santo Domingo, verified by reporters of Listín Diario during a tour in various popular neighborhoods, where the housewives complained about the high cost of the essential family basket.

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Paul Tierney
December 14, 2021 6:20 pm

It is saddening the prices of chicken and other basics have increased to the circumstance where wanting households have tables with scant food portions.

Of course, there will be enough chicken for those who are able to afford it.

If you are able, help bring smiles to others with what you can give.