Economy December 15, 2021 | 8:58 am

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Dominican Gov. won’t seek damages in controversial road contract

Santo Domingo.- The agreement reached by the Government with the concessionaires of the highway to Samaná closes the possibility of a legal action directed by the State itself against the controversial concession contract that it was decided to terminate early. Now, the initiative of investigating whether there were criminal irregularities in the project would be left to the Public Ministry, observes lawyer Emmanuel Esquea Guerrero.

In the agreement signed on December 9, between the Government and the concessionaires Autopistas del Nordeste and Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico, it is indicated that the parties reciprocally grant “full discharge and legal settlement as well as to all their officials, partners, shareholders ( …), being released and renouncing from today and forever, reciprocally and irrevocably, any action, claim, instance, right, claim (…), that have their origin or are the result ”of the recent agreement “Or originated or related directly or indirectly to the Concession Contract and the operation of the project”

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Paul Tierney
December 15, 2021 11:19 am

The agreement with the concessionaires does not exempt government officials and agents from investigation of criminal activity on their part.

This agreement opens the window for the now insulated concessionaires to loosen their tongues about how the terms of the contract were negotiated by government operatives in bad faith to their obligations to the state. The operatives should be placed under the microscope.