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CND says shortages persist in glass bottles

Changes due to Covid 19 have caused difficulties in supplying the local market with its Presidente beer brand

Covid 19 has caused difficulties in supplying the local market with its Presidente beer brand.

The Dominican National Brewery (CND) reported that the shortage of glass bottles persists due to the changes brought about by the arrival of covid 19 in industries and in the population’s consumption, which has caused difficulties to supply the local market with their brand of Presidente beer.

However, the company assures that although the path is “challenging,” it is working hard on some initiatives so that soon Dominican consumers can continue to enjoy the brand that fills them with pride.

During a ceremony for the celebration of Retailer’s Day, organized by the Confederation of Provisions Trade and SMEs of the Dominican Republic (Confecomercio), the commercial director of CND, Roberto Espinal, said that the glass bottle factories were among those that more suffered from the pandemic crisis to such a level that to date they have not recovered from the blows of recent months.

However, the executive of the Dominican National Brewery said that that company is supporting a faster recovery of the glass industry, for which he recalled that last year the company signed an agreement with Caribbean Glass Industry, the only glass factory that will be established in the Dominican Republic, with the aim of buying a large part of its production of new bottles.

He highlighted that they are also working on projects to guarantee consumers a more significant and faster return of bottles and other containers to the points of sale.

Ramírez said that another of the CND initiatives is the 50% increase recently made in the payment of bottles to merchants and bottle racks to encourage a greater return of the glass container.
He also indicated that awareness campaigns are being launched to encourage consumers to return the bottles to grocery stores.

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Paul Tierney
December 19, 2021 9:26 am

It they want return bottles then start a bottle deposit system. Pay the deposit at point of sale, The deposit will be returned when empty bottles are dropped at a collection location.

Money is the incentive for people to participate. The country will become greener with a return campaign.

Peter Harris
December 19, 2021 7:01 pm

Coca Cola gives 35 pesos to customers for the return of glass bottles. The beer companies give 2 pesos so they remain piled up by street collectors outside in the dirt .