Economy January 2, 2022 | 9:15 am

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Flight cancellations and delays continue around the world

Santo Domingo, DR
Flight cancellations and delays continue worldwide. Before 2:00 pm today, the flight tracking platform FlightAware had registered 6,415 delays cancellations and 1,855 cancellations.

The application allows travelers to know flight cancellations and delays at all airports worldwide in real-time. On the same platform, there is a link to MiseryMap, which makes it easy to see flight routes and the situation at all airports.

In the last hours, an increase in infections due to the SARS Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic has been recorded in all world countries. As a result, the macro data portal titles the world map of Covid-19 infections as the “global coronavirus crisis.”

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has reported that the new omicron variant is less lethal but more rapidly contaminating and has suggested families maintain physical distance and use masks, hand washing, and all types of sanitization to counteract the rise of Covid-19.

The United States continues to be the country with the highest number of cases and the highest number of deaths due to the pandemic. It is one of the reasons why it also registers the highest number of suspended flights such as Seattle, Tacoma, followed by Denver and Atlanta, among others.

At 2:22 pm on Friday, FlightAware, a digital aviation company and operator of the world’s most extensive flight data and tracking platform, recorded 6,766 delays and 2,865 cancellations; minutes later, at 2:36 pm there were already 6,947 delayed flights and 2,874 cancellations.

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