Economy January 5, 2022 | 12:07 pm

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New ships and containers will enter the market

Dominican shippers say lack of jams should lower cargo cost

Santo Domingo.- At the international level, logjams continue to be generated in the ports, but as of January, this could change because fewer containers are shipped than in other times, but, in addition, new ships and also containers will enter the market.

“This is happening in many ports around the world, but in the Dominican Republic there have been no traffic jams during COVID-19 or now. Containers are flowing a lot,” said Alexander Schad, first vice president of the Association of Shippers of the Dominican Republic (ANRD).

The also executive president of Frederic Schad, a logistics service provider, told Diario Libre that a big part of the cost of international trade does not come only from freight, but that containers cannot be transported, they cannot be taken out of the docks, which begins to generate storage costs, thus impacting international trade.

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