Economy January 25, 2022 | 2:07 pm

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Food prices reflect variations in establishments

Santo Domingo, DR.
In monitoring prices of products in supermarket chains in the country, the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) from January 7 to 13, 2022, the value of foods of the basic food basket stands out. In addition, an increase in the price of oil is observed.

On an average of the prices of 13 of the largest supermarkets and minimarkets, soybean oil for a 128-ounce gallon is RD$495 to RD$632.22, the 64-ounce gallon of oil ranges from RD$334 to RD$307, while the 16-ounce gallon ranges from RD$97 to RD$85. On the other hand, depending on the brand and size, olive oil costs between RD$333 and RD$250.

A 10-pound bag of rice, depending on the brand, costs between RD$338 to RD$319, while bulk rice goes for RD$25 a pound on average.

A pound of auyama goes for RD$21, bell peppers for RD$59, cubanela peppers for RD$35, super select garlic for RD$142, purple eggplants for RD$27, red onions for RD$43, salad tomatoes for RD$33, and carrots for RD$33.

The unit of barahonero plantains costs RD$15, the pound of the other groceries costs the following: the white potato is RD$28, and the cassava RD$16.

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