Business & Pleasure March 4, 2022 | 3:44 pm

Dominican Republic would stop receiving more than 50,000 Russian tourists monthly

Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Republic is heading for a loss of about 10% in tourist arrivals due to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine that have led to armed clashes.

According to the National Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores) president, Rafael Blanco Tejera, Russia, provided some 50,000 tourists per month.

Given the perceived drop in demand in this market due to the interruption of Russian flights, Blanco Tejera explained that public-private efforts are focused on supplying other needs.

In this sense, he maintained that efforts are “redoubled” to monopolize the Canadian market and that of Latin America and the rest of Europe to reduce the negative impact on tourism.

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Felix Arroyo
March 5, 2022 1:09 am

Are you prohibiting them from arriving to DR? Or are you saying that the war is preventing them from traveling to DR? Be clear in explaining the reasons for the loss of these tourists!

Felix Arroyo
March 19, 2022 7:58 pm

So we lost the Russians & Ukrainians. So why is the US issuing travel warnings against DR so that we have even less tourists coming in?

felix the cat
April 7, 2022 3:36 pm
Reply to  Felix Arroyo

travel warnings come from the same offices that like to meddle in the dominican-haitians relations (the state department) so they are used a battering ram againt the country.