Economy March 14, 2022 | 3:27 pm

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Producers denounce import of citrus from countries with pests and diseases

National citrus producers denounced this Monday that the Ministry of Agriculture has authorized the import into the Dominican Republic of several agricultural products infected with pests and diseases.

They affirmed that the Minister of Agriculture, Limbert Cruz, fails to fulfill his promise to care for and protect the Dominican citrus industry by allowing the importation of citrus fruits from countries that have diseases that do not exist in the Dominican Republic.

They indicated that they have photos and official documents with the traceability of cardboard boxes from Peru and Chile, which puts the country in potential danger by bringing fruits and vegetables from areas affected by Fusarium Race 4 that destroys the Colombian and Peruvian banana industry.

They also explained that Chile is positive for Leprosis and the Mite that transmits this terrible disease and indicated that the Defoliation Ant is also present in Colombia.

They warned that all these diseases would come to the country if the authorities continued the unbridled race to grant import permits.

They reported that Sanidad Vegetal recently carried out a study of the country’s risks by bringing fruits and vegetables from areas affected by Fusarium Race 4, which threatens to destroy the local banana industry, as has happened with much of Colombia and Peru.

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