Economy March 23, 2022 | 8:30 am

Buy car in DR

Electric autos ’could be a possible solution’

Santo Domingo.- At a time when the international and local price of fuels have considerably increased, as a result of the high price of oil, among other factors due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, electric mobility could be a possible solution to the costs of hydrocarbons.

And based on the experience of the owner of an electric vehicle and a company that changed its fleet of gasoline motorcycles, the economic advantage that this type of mobility has compared to those that operate with fuels is “much higher.”

“Charging the entire car, from scratch, is between 600 and 700 pesos and that is equivalent to a tank (of gasoline) of a normal car. There you make a relationship: if you put 4,000 pesos or 3,000 pesos of gasoline in your current vehicle versus 700 pesos,” said Víctor Gómez, owner of an electric car.

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bernie sierra
March 23, 2022 11:35 am

I am sorry Victor Gomez, but you left out the part that an electric car in this country cost over 80K for a cheap Tesla as compare to 50K for an ICE car plus you have to wait over 1 hour to fully charge your car which adds to the cost of the car because time is money and it is not meant to be waste. It would take one over 10 years to get even when buying an EV car versus an ICE car. I could put that over 30K into making money and in the end you make more money.

March 23, 2022 9:35 pm

It makes no sense that the DR is not transitioning to solar power. 365 days of sun light and this government want to restrict the use of individuals putting solar on their houses because the energy companies are pressuring them. All things the United States do are not good for other countries and because the US energy companies are allowed to maintain a monopoly on energy doesn’t mean a country like the DR should allow itself to be controlled and bullied by these companies. You already have too much waste pollution. Allow individuals to start using solar on their houses and buildings.