Economy March 31, 2022 | 8:04 am

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Titles the Dominican Gov. issued in 2015 ‘are useless’

Santo Domingo.- The director of the Executing Technical Unit for State Land Titling (UTECT), Mérido de Jesús Espinal, stated that a large number of titles issued in 2015 “are useless” and must be annulled by that institution and do the process again to be able to return title to those beneficiaries.

Espinal said that most of these titles correspond to those issued on land owned by the State Sugar Council (CEA) and it was due to the fact that the cadastral surveys did not meet the requirements set forth in the rules of the institution and the Real Estate Jurisdiction.

As he explained, these surveys were carried out by a private company that was contracted for these purposes. These titles correspond to works carried out in Santo Domingo Este, Haina, Villa Altagracia and Boca Chica.

“At the time, title certificates were issued that I have defined as useless. Why are they not useful? Because in these certificates of titles streets were measured, there is impersonation, two owners who are adjoining, one falls above the other…

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Paul Tierney
March 31, 2022 10:47 am

So, what happens now to resolve this mess? Who pays the price to correct it?