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Innovative solar dryer for sugarcane processing

Solar dryer. Image:

Santo Domingo.- The National Evangelical University (UNEV), through the Center for Scientific Research and Technology Development (TECUNEV), an operational research unit, has inaugurated a solar dryer that will dry sugar cane without spoiling the product and dehydrate it by eliminating all the water without affecting its nutrients.

The inauguration was led by academy Rector Juan Guerrero Ávila who said that this would enhance the university’s research work.

Project leader Julio Alejandro Abril said that the initiative is part of a research project funded by the National Fund for Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCYT), which will also improve education and training for students in various fields of study, as well as training for specialists and university graduates in this branch of science, by allowing participants to write theses combining theory with practice and teaching with research.

UNEV Research Director Diógenes Aybar said that this device was fundamental for the university’s research work.

This solar dryer, which is now operational, prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting the products, drying time, and final product quality.

“This machine is part of a large project for dealing with a potential famine, a food crisis that will begin in 2023, due to supply chain problems, Covid-19 problems, in addition to the increase in the cost of inputs and raw materials for food, which are on the rise, so we need food security,” added Aybar.

The ceremony was also attended by Academic Vice-Rector Cándida Jáquez, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Wilfredo Mañón Rossi, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies César López, Research Director Diógenes Aybar, Dean of the Faculty of Rural Development Víctor Espaillat, Dean of the Faculty of Theology Alfredo Ossers Veras, Director of the School of Theology Susana Sánchez, and Associate Research Director Jehová Peña.

About the Solar Dryer

One of the latest technologies at an international level, the solar dryer does not use electrical energy. It has several extractors for humidity and temperature control, powered by a solar panel.

As part of the academy’s research program, this innovative device will enable the university to combine teaching and research activities, linking both, with the objective of graduating well-rounded specialists, university students who can combine their knowledge in activities in this area, and train them in the objectives of UNEV’s mission, vision, and values.

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