Business & Pleasure April 13, 2022 | 3:53 pm

Pandemic pushes companies to enhance online services

Adoexpo president Elizabeth Mena with speaker Susana Voces. Image:

Santo Domingo.- With the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, 80 % of companies across all sectors plan to speed up their online transformation process, says e-commerce specialist Susana Voces, former Europe CEO of eBay, the multinational online shopping company with some 157 million active consumers around the world.

Voces gave a lecture on “The role of women in the digital society with an eye on foreign trade”, organized by the Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo), at its headquarters, the closing event of a month of women’s activities, attended by executives and guests from the business sector.

In her talk, the former head of business development in Spain and Portugal for PayPal said that mobile device users make an average of 150 shopping queries per day.

During her lecture at Adoexpo, she stated that 60 % of consumers who find content related to their interests make an effective purchase, while 69 % use online channels to research products before acquiring them.

The executive said that 50 % of millennials find online goods purchases made in the metaverse interesting, and up to 42 % of online shoppers switch brands or companies to alternative goods if they think the wait time is too long.

Consumers reported that they were three times more likely now than before the pandemic to say that at least 80 % of their interactions are of an online nature.

Finally, Voces added that 71 % of consumers expect companies to offer personalized interactions and 76 % are frustrated when that doesn’t happen.

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