Economy April 25, 2022 | 7:50 am

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North region business leaders reject called walkout

S. Filpo.

Santiago.- The main business institutions of Santiago province and the entire Cibao region have rejected, in a statement, the 24-hour walkout called for this Monday in the 14 provinces of that jurisdiction.

These entities have exposed, as a justification for their position, the conditions in which the country finds itself.

These are the Chamber of Commerce and Production, the Association for Development, the Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Stores of the Historic Center and entities of medium and small companies.

Speaking on behalf of these institutions, the leaders Sandy Filpo, Ricardo Fondeur and Augusto Reyes, warn that the moment requires the “constant and dedicated work of all, government and society,” to improve the situation in the country.

“The strike is inopportune,” they said, with the certainty that “it is destined to harm the active recovery that is registered in the region and throughout the country, in the economy, after the effects of the pandemic.”

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Paul Tierney
April 25, 2022 9:54 am

So, they will jump up and down, make noise, and burn tires to make change. Who do they expect to make the changes? Guess they want the government to make them. If gov’t makes changes, then they will complain they do not like the changes. If changes are to be made they are the ones to make them.