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Government orders the sale of eggs at 3 pesos through Inespre

The Dominican Government ordered the sale of eggs at 3 pesos through the Inespre programs of producer markets, mobile warehouses starting this Friday.

This was achieved as a result of an agreement between the director of Inespre, Iván Hernández Guzmán; the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Eulalio Ramírez, representing the Minister; as well as the presidents of the Association of Egg Producers (Asohuevo), Manuel Escaño; of the Association of Producers of Eggs of the Dominican Republic (Aprohuevo); Wilfredo Cabrera; from the National Association of Laying Hens (Asonapro), José Pichardo and the Dominican Poultry Association, Gregori Marte.

Wilfredo Bautista, poultry adviser to the Executive Branch , also participated ; Richard Mercedes, Marketing Director of Inespre; Delio Luna, Director of Supply and Service; Fabio Ángeles, in charge of Inespre in the Espaillat province, and other members of the sector.

Iván Hernández Guzmán, executive director of Inespre, reported that the Dominican government ordered the purchase of 21 million units of eggs initially, which will be sold at 3 pesos per unit, with the aim of supporting this sector and that said food can reach low cost to the population.

Iván Hernández Guzmán, executive director of Inespre
Iván Hernández Guzmán, executive director of Inespre

» Starting this Friday, quality egg cartons will cost 90 pesos, something unprecedented in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the concern of President Luis Abinader to guarantee food security through support for the national productive sectors.

While Eulalio Ramírez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said that the poultry sector has been impacted by international factors such as the rise in corn, soybeans, increased freight rates and a shortage of inputs as a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia, for which The Dominican Government has decided to extend a helping hand to the sector.

While the representatives of Egg Producers Associations thanked the President for his initiative and guaranteed an effective and quality supply to Inespre, to comply with the letter of said agreement.

During the meeting held at the Recreational Club of Moca, the Ministry of Agriculture and Inespre promised to pay weekly for the products purchased, in order to guarantee the profitability of the pact.

After finishing the event, the director of Inespre reiterated that the Dominican Republic is one of the few nations in the world where there is no shortage of any product, thanks to the measures adopted by the Government and highlighted that it currently has record levels of production of rice, chicken and other food.

He indicated that they decided to hold the meeting in the Espaillat province, because 70 percent of the eggs at the national level are produced there.

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