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Dominican company becomes first macadamia producer to be ISO 22000 certified

Los Montones, San José de las Matas
The Dominican company Macadamia La Loma obtained ISO 22000 food safety certification from AENOR, which reaffirms its commitment to offering the best products to its consumers, ensuring safety throughout the production process.

In an event held at the processing plant in Los Montones, the company’s president, Jesús Moreno, received the certification from the head of Business Development for the country, Jonathan Castro.

“For us this certification represents a big step that opens the doors to international markets with greater confidence. This, together with our principles of regenerative and inclusive agriculture that protects biodiversity, increases the value of Macadamia La Loma as an example of a Country Brand,” said Mr. Jesús Moreno.

Castro expressed that “for AENOR, it is a pleasure to accompany Macadamia La Loma, the first macadamia producer, in its strengthening process, supporting it to reach new markets with the highest standards, for the benefit of its consumers and the pride of the country.”

About the standard
This standard specifies the requirements that a management system must meet to ensure food safety throughout the food chain up to the point of sale and final consumption. There are very few agribusinesses in our country that have achieved ISO22000 certification.

It promotes cooperation between all parties involved in the food chain, national governments, and transnational organizations, ensures consumer protection, and strengthens consumer confidence.

Among the benefits that this certification brings to the companies that achieve it is the improvement of cost performance along the food supply chain, optimization of risk management, optimization of communication between the parties, and implementation of continuous improvement processes.

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