Economy July 20, 2022 | 10:10 am

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Making ice cream in the DR…challenge

Santo Domingo.- One of the main challenges of the ice cream manufacturing industry in the country is maintaining competitive prices for electricity, both in the manufacturing plants and in the ice cream parlors, to guarantee the good state of the supply of raw materials for the production of those products that require refrigeration.
This was stated by executives of Helados Bon to the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), Víctor Bisonó, during a visit he made to the company’s production plant, in the Herrera Industrial Zone.
“Other important elements for our industry are not passing on to consumers the high increases in raw materials and electricity, and expanding the import quota for powdered milk, under the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and the United States (DR -Cafta),” said the general manager of the company that manufactures ice cream and other products for national consumption, Luis Fernando Enciso

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Paul Tierney
July 20, 2022 10:50 am

Also, what should be included is making certain the transport of ice cream and other frozen goods be done in well maintained refrigerated units. How many times have consumers bought ice cream that has been frozen, warmed, and refrozen to create ice crystals in the products that ruin their enjoyment?

July 20, 2022 12:20 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

That ice cream sucks , they clearly use inferior ingredients and poor handling of product

Paul Tierney
July 20, 2022 11:49 pm
Reply to  Johnny

They do not use inferior ingredients. It is their recipe. They have less butterfat than the expensive foreign brands. Their products are produced and marketed at economical prices for consumption by the Dominican general population, some of those who cannot afford the Haagen Dazs class.

The handling of the BON ice cream to maintain its frozen state from manufacturing sites to its consumer point of sale is crap shoot. If the ice cream is not frozen or crystalized, when and where did the spoilage occur, on the road or in the store?

Mr. Sensible
July 20, 2022 12:44 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

I have given up on buying supermarket Ice cream due to the exact reasons you have given.