Economy July 22, 2022 | 12:45 pm

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Dominicans to get light bill relief

Santo Domingo.- The Superintendence of Electricity (SIE) announced yesterday that it will modify the resolution in which the transition rates for electricity service were established for the July-September 2022 quarter, to render them null and void and keep those applied in April-June of this year in force. year, which adjusted 9% to residential customers of EDEs.
Additionally, the Council of the SIE ordered the electricity distribution companies Edesur, Edenorte and Edeeste to review the invoices issued in July and credit or debit, as appropriate, in the following invoice, the difference between the established prices.
With the objective of the gradual and quarterly dismantling of the electricity subsidy with a view to 2026, within the framework of the Electric Pact, for the current quarter the SIE had also resolved a 9% increase in the electricity rate for residential customers who consume up to 300 kWh and 7.6% for small businesses, which together represent around 80% of the users regulated by the electricity distribution companies.
“After Resolution No. SIE-061-2022-TF was issued, this Superintendence has verified that the current extraordinary conditions of the world situation have generated a disproportionate increase in fuel prices, essential inputs for the thermal generation of our Jan. matrix.”

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