Economy July 27, 2022 | 2:06 pm

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Tourist workers demand tip money

Santo Domingo, DR.
The Federation of Tourism Workers’ Unions (Fesitratur) requested for the second time the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, to apply the law to prevent the business people of this sector continue appropriating the payment of 10% of the tips and bonuses to their workers.

The union said that while more than 300,000 workers are affected by this situation, the government compensates the businessmen with RD$1,875 million by releasing them from paying ITBIS, among other benefits.

He indicated that they communicated the situation to the Minister of Labor but have not yet received a response.

“This cannot be so, this is a problem that affects thousands of men and women who are forced to work between ten and 12 hours a day and are paid low wages, and are denied rights established in the Labor Code, such as tip payments and bonuses,” he specified.

He stated that when De Camps requires it, they have documents to back up their denunciations after specifying that only the application of the law is needed.
To correct this injustice.

Fesitratur described as regrettable the declarations of the senator for the province of Puerto Plata, Ginette Bournigal, who, when participating in a television program and when questioned about the abuses committed against workers in the tourism sector, said she was unaware of the situation.

“It is doubly regrettable that Ginette Bourgnigal, who represents a tourist province such as Puerto Plata, should claim ignorance of a reality exposed daily in these workplaces.”

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Jonny Hewer
July 27, 2022 2:33 pm

It’s a disgraceful situation and I know workers in restaurants etc. who have suffered this. Many people think the service charge goes to the employees, as it should, and yet the bosses are pocketing what is not legally theirs.

July 27, 2022 5:09 pm
Reply to  Jonny Hewer

Wake up this is DR…we do as we please…if you don’t like it go back canada where everything is peachy and dandy…???

Mr. Sensible
July 29, 2022 7:10 am
Reply to  Jonny Hewer

What they should do, is get rid of this complicated scheme all together. It opens the door to abuse and imbalance. Plus, many restaurants actually add the 10% in before adding the 18% tax, thus the government gets its extra cut. Just do away with it all together.