Economy August 10, 2022 | 8:28 am

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Housing construction costs continue significant increases

Santo Domingo.- The direct costs of housing construction continue to show significant increases, reaching an accumulated variation of 11.0% and a year-on-year variation of 14.1%, according to the most recent monthly report of the Ministry of Economy “Sector Outlook” corresponding to last June.

According to the report, the subgroups that experienced the greatest accumulated variations were boat subcontracts (57.7%) and painting and carpentry labor (with increases of 21%).

Among the subgroups that contributed to a greater extent to the accumulated variation of the Index of Direct Costs of Housing Construction (ICDV), masonry labor, steel, concrete, cement stands out.

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August 10, 2022 8:56 am

How much can a cinder block wall cost using slave labor? Construction quality is questionable in the DR, with low cement content and poor compaction, no . There can be a few reasons for this unskilled labor or company taking shortcuts to pocket more; whatever the reason, be careful when it comes to money in unregulated counties because there is no recourse to recoup monies without spending more money to do so.

Paul Tierney
August 10, 2022 10:02 am

The government at least should threaten an investigation to the price increases. Fuel prices impact cost of construction materials in a strong way. World fuel prices have stabilized and are showing trends of dropping. One has to ask why there are construction material price increases?

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul Tierney
August 10, 2022 5:34 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

Because this DR…everything goes…chaos…!!!!