Economy August 13, 2022 | 10:43 am

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Prices of all fuels remain unchanged

Once again the prices of all fuels are frozen. Illustrative photo

Santo Domingo, DR
The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes decided, for the week of August 13 to 19, to maintain the same prices of previous months for all fuels sold in the country.

In this sense, premium gasoline will continue to be sold at RD$293.60 per gallon and regular gasoline at RD$274.50.

Regular gasoil will maintain a price of RD$221.60 per gallon, optimum at RD$241.10 per gallon, avtur RD$298.91 per gallon, kerosene RD$338.10 per gallon.

Likewise, fuel oil #6 will continue to be sold at RD$192.11 per gallon; fuel oil 1%S will be at RD$211.77 per gallon.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) remains at RD$147.60 per gallon, and Natural Gas at RD$28.97 per m3 will maintain its price.

Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade, Ramon Perez Fermin, reported that the international price of WTI averaged US$90.15, for a further decrease of 4.9% in relation to the previous week’s average, reflecting an accumulated increase so far this year 2022 of 22.8%.

In addition, he mentioned that the government remains firm in its commitment to the citizenry to maintain the prices of all fuels, thus preventing premium gasoline from increasing by 11 pesos per gallon; regular gasoline from rising by more than 18 pesos; regular diesel from increasing by 48 pesos per gallon and optimum diesel by almost 52 pesos, which needless to say, would be catastrophic for the pockets of citizens.

The average weekly exchange rate is RD$54.35 from the Central Bank’s daily publications.

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Paul Tierney
August 14, 2022 9:30 am

We would like to see a downward trend.