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Domestic workers will have medicine coverage

Santo Domingo, DR.
Including domestic workers in the social security system guarantees them different benefits in health coverage, among them some RD$5,000 in ambulatory medicines per year, and marks the beginning of the subsidized contributory regime, contemplated in Law 87-01.

In addition, it guarantees access to Maternity, Breastfeeding, and Common Sickness subsidies, Disability and Survivorship Insurance, Solidarity Old Age Pensions, and Labor Risks Insurance, among other important benefits.

Yesterday, the Superintendent of Health and Labor Risks (Sisalril), Dr. Jesús Feris Iglesias, highlighted the important step of including domestic workers in the social security system, which marks the beginning of access to the contributory-subsidized regime.

“Such an important right acquired by domestic workers is an excellent step for every Dominican to have access to the subsidized contributory component and to continue strengthening the Dominican Social Security System in a general sense, making 87-01 a real law,” he said.

In a press document issued by Sisalril, it is pointed out that 22 years after the approval of Law 87-01 on Social Security, by means of Resolution No. 551-08 of the National Council of Social Security, the Subsidized Contributory Financing Regime comes into effect.

Domestic employees will be the first beneficiaries of this regime with a contribution of their income and a state subsidy to compensate for the lack of an employer. They will be able to benefit 100% from Social Security.

Press release
Following President Abinader’s commitment to improving the quality of life of all Dominicans without leaving anyone behind, marking from today a before and after for the more than 245,000 people working in this sector.

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