Economy September 13, 2022 | 12:04 pm

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Oil, powdered milk, salami and eggs fell in price

The 30-unit egg carton dropped 3.06 pesos. (ARCHIVE)

The director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, showed yesterday a table with a record of products that would have dropped in price from August to September of this year.

In supermarkets, Pro Consumidor verified that a commercial brand’s 250-milliliter bottle of olive oil dropped from 289.98 pesos on 25 August to 268.32 pesos on 8 September, for a reduction of 21.66 pesos (7.47 %).

Soybean oil of another brand dropped from 752.68 pesos a gallon to 739.14 pesos, for a difference of 13.54 pesos. Super special salami dropped per pound from 129.31 pesos to 118.32 pesos, down 10.99 pesos.

The prices of four different brands of powdered milk registered decreases of up to 10.21 pesos in their presentations in 800, 125, and 120-gram bags.

Businessmen observe a downward trend in construction materials prices
Businessmen observe a downward trend in construction materials prices
The growth rate of domestic prices continues to decelerate, reports Central Bank
The domestic price growth rate continues to decelerate, reports Central Bank.
In the markets, there were more significant price reductions. For example, the unit of a large watermelon dropped from RD$307.78 to RD$280. Similarly, lemons (10 pesos), papaya (3.33 pesos), and the 30-unit carton of eggs (3.06 pesos) dropped.

Imported yellow onion went from 52.5 pesos per pound to 49.50 pesos during the same period. A dozen sour oranges went from 132 pesos to 129.33 pesos, and a pound of cauliflower went from 51.67 pesos per pound to 49.17 pesos.

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September 13, 2022 12:12 pm

Where can these low prices be found..most certainly not in any store in La Romana !!

bernie sierra
September 13, 2022 2:46 pm

This is the most insulting lie that our government can tell the people. Non of those goods has gone down on prices at all.