Economy November 2, 2022 | 1:09 pm

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Caribbean Corridor will be constructed by a Dominican-Panamanian consortium

Source: El Caribe

Rafael Sabonge, the minister of public works, and President of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, gave the Transeq-Estrella Consortium the go-ahead to start building the Caribbean Corridor, which will cost 91 million dollars. The Quebrada Ancha-Maria Chiquita highway, which is 28 kilometers long and will modernize the local road network, will be designed, built, and funded as part of the project.

President Cortizo declared, “We are adding a new road structure to improve land connectivity in the province of Colón with the delivery of the order to proceed for the construction of the Caribbean Corridor Project. The head of the Executive Power emphasized that new opportunities for internal tourism are created with road network optimization, which benefits the most vulnerable population and is always done with the intention of achieving the social development of the nation.

According to President Cortizo, the project will be completed two years after the delivery of the go-ahead order. “This is yet another project undertaken by our administration as part of the government’s economic recovery strategy, always with a view to promoting the welfare and advancement of all Panamanians.”

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