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Dominican Republic exports 40 million eggs per month to Haiti

Santo Domingo, DR
Around 40 million eggs are exported monthly from the Dominican Republic to Haiti, the Dominican Poultry Association (ADA) reported yesterday.

The institution reported that the supply of this product in the country is assured, explaining that in 2022 the sector increased by 32% the national egg supply by, going from producing 220 million units per month to 290 million.

ADA president, José López Deschamps, said that producers increased the number of light breeding hens in production by 54%, from 78,000 to 120,000, and the number of laying hens by 29%, going from 8.5 to more than 11 million.

Lopez Deschamps said that according to the statistical projections of government agencies, the supply of eggs in the country would continue to increase month after month due to the entry of new producers and new birds to lay even more eggs, so he understands that the total ban on exports is a measure that could cause an oversupply in the short term and depress producer prices.

The business leader pointed out that ADA has associated companies that have been investing for years in certifications and biosafety to be able to export formally to new markets and that currently, the first containers would leave for the Caribbean islands, a transcendental step that is also affected by this measure.

ADA’s president suggested that the government form a joint commission between government representatives and the leading egg producer associations to review the measure and reach a consensus that would benefit producers’ and consumers’ price stability.

Traders support suspension

The Dominican Federation of Traders (FDC) informed yesterday that they support the measure taken by the Dominican government to suspend egg exports to Haiti for 15 days to guarantee local supplies.

FDC president Ivan Garcia explained that in 2022 there was an overproduction of this product with 3.5 billion units, which represented 26% more compared to 2021.

García commented that, given this scenario, eggs were depressed at the wholesale level, where in many farms, they were sold at RD$3 per unit, which caused the bankruptcy of dozens of producers.

In addition, he said that the situation worsened when last November, the border was opened, and eggs began to be marketed in that country at RD$9, while in the DR, it was sold at RD$5 per unit.

“A part of the production, after obtaining a price difference of 90%, went to the Haitian market and even exported eggs to the island of St. Martin,” García emphasized.

He added that this caused then the egg in December to be sold at the wholesale level at RD$180 per carton of 30 and in supermarkets up to RD$250, and “the high price has been maintained with a shortage in the delivery of eggs to local commerce.”

Currently, eggs are around RD$8 to RD$10 a unit in the colmados.

“We as a country have to protect the consumer in the Dominican Republic to continue to have acceptable and unmatched prices with the world market, since we produce the amount of eggs sufficient and necessary to supply the country’s demand. We reiterate our support to the Food Cabinet,” he said.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Egg Producers demanded the immediate intervention of President Luis Abinader to revoke the measure.

We produce more than 8 million units of eggs daily, of which approximately 20% are destined for the Haitian market, and this has been the case for many decades. But, unfortunately, with the ill-advised, unjust, and outrageous measure just taken by the current authorities, what they are doing is hitting the sector and putting it in danger of disappearing”, said Manuel Escaño, a representative of this sector.

US$109,244 in 2022

The Dominican Exporters Association (Adoexpo) informed Listín Diario that from January-November 2022, the country exported to Haiti US$109,244, equivalent to RD$ 6.1 million, which showed a drop compared to before the pandemic.

Adoexpo also stated that they are in constant communication with their partners to minimize the possible impact that measures of this type could cause.

“Adoexpo reiterates its commitment to work hand in hand with the Government for the benefit of Dominicans and the export sector,” it said.

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