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Abinader warns that measures will not be relaxed

President Luis Abinader, in an energetic tone, said that "transparency and ethics are non-negotiable in this government.

President Luis Abinader headed yesterday the launching of the Single Payment Management System (Sugep) and the Internal Control Index of the Comptroller General of the Republic, where he warned that the Government would not relax the transparency measures that must be exhausted by the entities.

He said that although in the country, traditionally, with the approach of elections and political activities, the government would “become more flexible,” in this case of his administration, it will do the opposite.

“The institutions of the government and the president are going to be more and more attentive so that at this time there is a greater guarantee, in what comes between now and the elections and transparency, control and audits are guaranteed to a much greater extent,” he said during the activity.

El presidente Luis Abinader en el acto de lanzamiento del Sistema Único de Gestión de Pagos (Sugep), junto al contralor Félix Santana y otros funcionarios.

President Luis Abinader at the launching ceremony of the Single Payment Management System (Sugep), together with Comptroller Felix Santana and other officials.EXTERNAL SOURCE.

In an energetic tone, he said, “Transparency and ethics is non-negotiable in this Government, and it is the best policy that can be made,. So I want that to be very clear in each of the government institutions.”

He emphasized that launching these new systems is a step in favor of Transparency and efficiency, facilitating government control and Transparency, which is fundamental and a hallmark, “and that has to be a hallmark of this administration.”

“We are returning to the Comptroller’s Office its original function of control, auditing and prevention as an internal government agency,” Abinader said.

He said that the best letter of presentation that can be shown to the Dominican people is “honesty accompanied by efficiency.”

He informed that they already have an “important list” of the audits of the public administration and that the Comptroller’s Office has interacted with the different officials so that they can correct the control or system failures and that in each of the cases, the proper measures have been appropriate directly proportional to the findings.

Félix Santana, contralor general de la República.

Felix Santana, Comptroller General of the Republic.

He added that they are already coordinating with the different institutions so that they can publish how they invested in each of the institutions in the coming months.


The Comptroller in the coming months general of the Republic, Felix Santana, gave details about the new system before representatives of more than 150 public institutions, which, from now on, will be able to follow in real time the route of their proposed payment orders from the beginning of the process in the respective Internal Audit Units of the Comptroller’s Office until its approval, rejection or request for information.

The Sugep is a unique tool for processing and validating payment orders in all its modalities, reducing the process by lowering the day.

Santana said that Sugep would facilitate the auditors’ work, allowing auditors to work and reducing irregularities, and guaranteeing the fulfillment of the main objectives of this administration.

He explained that this new system would facilitate the work of auditors, allowing auditors’ creation and reduction of irregularities and ensuring compliance with the primary objectives of this management.

He emphasized that this robust and user-friendly platform makes it possible to make changes according to the needs of the moment, such as the moment’s needs verification of the balance of contracts, the release of funds, and purchase orders.
In addition, it will facilitate the interconnection with other government agencies, such as the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), Purchasing and Contracting, the Social Security Treasury (TSS), and the Financial Management Information System (SIGEF).

At the same time, the Internal Control Index (ICI) was launched, a metric that allows the evaluation of a set of dimensions associated with the level of compliance with the internal control of the institutions under the scope of the Organic Law of the Comptroller’s Office (10-07).

As explained by Comptroller Santana, the ICI makes it possible to monitor and promote compliance with the most relevant regulations.


With these systems, the State institutions will be able to carry out the processes of contract registration and the signing of bills of exchange with high quality, in an automated manner, in less time.


The Internal Control Index will enable monitoring and promoting compliance with the most relevant regulations related to internal controls in the management of public resources.

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