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Ministry for Women in the Dominican Republic receives equipment donation from the European Union

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry for Women in the Dominican Republic has received a significant donation of equipment from the European Union through the Coordination Program for the Prevention of Gender Violence in line with the Objectives of Sustainable Development in the country (C-PREV).

The donation, valued at 12 million pesos, includes laptops, desktop computers, projectors, printers, chairs, managerial chairs, desks, metal filing cabinets, and speakers. This equipment will be distributed to 45% of the Ministry’s offices nationwide, including Provincial Offices (OPM) and Municipal Offices (OMM), to enhance the institution’s service delivery in different regions.

Minister for Women, Mayra Jiménez, expressed gratitude for the donation and emphasized that the support from the European Union enables the ministry to expand and enhance its efforts in the prevention and response to gender-based and domestic violence. She stressed the importance of reaching the territories and ensuring the strengthening of services at the local level, with a focus on areas that traditionally face greater challenges.

Vice Minister of International Cooperation, Olaya Dotel, highlighted the pivotal role of the Provincial and Municipal Offices in promoting solidarity, equitable, comprehensive, and participatory local development that guarantees gender equality in the country. These offices play a crucial role in providing care and prevention services, psychological and legal assistance, accompaniment, and awareness campaigns.

European Union Ambassador, Katja Afheldt, stated that the donation of furniture and equipment is part of the EU’s commitment to supporting the improvement of conditions and opportunities for Dominican women and girls. She emphasized the essential role of the ministry offices in strengthening local networks to protect women and girls from gender-based violence. These offices, situated in the communities, organize campaigns, provide psychological support, offer legal advice, promote women’s economic empowerment, and provide assistance in cases of violence.

The equipment donation from the European Union is expected to significantly enhance the Ministry for Women’s ability to carry out its vital work in addressing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Dominican Republic.

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