Economy July 10, 2023 | 8:42 am

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Korean company reiterates interest in building airport in Pedernales

Santo Domingo.- The delegation from the Korean Airports Corporation (KAC) recently visited the Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) to explore opportunities for participating in the construction of the new Pedernales International Airport.

Hector Porcella, the General Director of IDAC, provided a guided tour of the Punta Caucedo Aeronautical Complex, showcasing the main technical areas of the institution, such as the Air Navigation Directorate, Operational Safety Surveillance Directorate, and Flight Standards Directorate.

The Korean delegation, comprising representatives from various consortiums and companies in Korea, expressed their country’s interest in expanding collaboration across different sectors of economic activity, particularly in civil aviation and tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Porcella, accompanied by Claudia Roa, Director of Air Navigation, Gender Castro, Director of Operational Safety Surveillance, and Pedro Alberto Pina, Director of Flight Standards, mentioned that the Korean group expressed interest in participating in projects aimed at enhancing the development of the Dominican aeronautical sector, specifically in the construction of the modern airport terminal in Pedernales.

He further emphasized the significance of the visit, stating that Korean companies possess extensive experience in constructing and operating airports worldwide, including in Latin America.

The Korean representatives demonstrated curiosity about the operations of key traffic, air control, and operational safety centers. Porcella remarked that they were impressed by the explanations provided during their tour of the aeronautical center in Punta Caucedo.

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Paul Tierney
July 11, 2023 9:28 am

Koreans have a good reputation for the quality and usefulness of the projects they construct and invest in.