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RD$100 million zero-rate financing program launched for young farmers

SANTIAGO RODRÍGUEZ. -The Agricultural Bank of the Dominican Republic (Bagrícola) and the Ministry of Youth launched in this province the “Programa de Financiamiento Campo Joven,” through which the lender will lend RD$100 million at zero rates to farmers from different parts of the country, aged between 18 and 35 years.

In its first phase, the government initiative will benefit young people from Santiago Rodríguez.
The program, which will guarantee the generational replacement in the country’s agricultural production, was launched during a ceremony headed by the administrator of Bagrícola, Fernando Durán, and the Minister of Youth, Rafael Jesús Féliz.

Senator Antonio Marte attended the activity; the provincial governor, Ivelis Almonte; Mayor Felix Marte; the director of Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Youth, Esmerlin Diaz; and the coordinator of “Campo Joven,” Steven Baldera, among other personalities.

The administrator of Bagrícola, Fernando Durán, said that the resources will be channeled through the Ministry of Youth and its Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and First Employment Policies.
This initiative also guarantees technical assistance to the producers so that the projects implemented with these resources will be accompanied by the most modern technological innovations applicable to the field.

In addition, Bagrícola will strictly follow up on the projects undertaken with these resources.
Fernando Durán stressed the importance of the new generations continuing with the proper development of agriculture and increased food production.

“This inter-institutional agreement plays a vital role, and we see it as an opportunity to continue fulfilling the mission of the Agricultural Bank,” said Durán.

For his part, the Minister of Youth said that “this public policy that begins today will impact youth agricultural projects nationwide, bringing great advances from its first phase.”

Féliz García added that this program “will imprint on the legacy of public policies focused on the agricultural area and youth issues, in a democratic manner for all.”

The call for participation in the “Campo Joven Financing Program” will be made through social networks and official channels.

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